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Team Building

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Looking for a team building activity that is effective, engaging and inclusive? Wherever you want your event, a corporate treasure hunt is the perfect way to get your staff pulling together. A treasure hunt improves communication, develops creative problem solving, increases organisational skills and a whole lot more.

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A treasure hunt is a great way of building a rapport between existing staff and new personnel, of enhancing your staff or first-year student induction programme. A treasure hunt is a fun and inclusive activity that is guaranteed to get everyone talking and interacting with each other and the local environment.

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Social Events

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Looking for a superb staff reward event? Not everyone appreciates a corporate away day at the races or a night out at the casino. So make sure your company fun day really is a fun day with a corporate treasure hunt. There is something to be done throughout the event and there is never a dull moment during the scoring session!

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Treasure Hunts as Team Building.

We could go on at length about forming, storming, norming and performing ... but we won't! Why not? Because that is always associated with Old School team building.

You know the type of thing - using a pile of tyres and a plank to cross a shark-infested lawn at a country house hotel. Or sending your team out into the wilderness for a weekend to get cold and wet in the hope that they will bond because of the discomfort.

Mention team building and listen to the moans and groans. Your staff know they will either endure discomfort or end up standing around doing very little all day.

Old School team building has never been particularly effective. It's target is limited to problem solving and the vague hope that it will improve teamwork. In reality, traditional team building tasks are carried out by the dominant and more confident team members. Back in the workplace and after a day or two - back to normal.

On the other hand, a corporate treasure hunt when used for team building addresses all essential workplace skills needed to dynamise your team:

  • Planning - there are more clues than could possibly be answered so teams must plan their route carefully
  • Time management - there are heavy points penalties for arriving back late
  • Communication - the winning team will need to work together to solve the clues
  • Negotiation - to obtain the items on the shopping list
  • Lateral thinking - some of the clues are actually exercises in problem solving whilst others are obscure and cryptic

Features of Good Corporate Treasure Hunts

Fully Customised

We don't follow a standard customisation formula so you benefit from a treasure hunt that is relevant to your company and industry sector.


There is always something to be done - if not looking for clues, teams will also need to be on the lookout for shopping list items and solving the wordgame. You benefit from an activity that keeps everyone busy the whole time.


There is no set timing for your treasure hunt so you benefit from an activity that can be slotted in as and when required. Perfect for those occasions where things are running late or finish early.


The clues range from cryptic to really obvious so you don't need to be able to solve the Times crossword to participate! Disability access depends on your chosen venue.

No Fixed Route

Teams need to plan their own way through the treasure hunt so it is not the usual 'procession'. Teams will inevitably cross paths at some point, making it fun and sociable too. The event you have organised will be memorable for the right reasons.


You can order the treasure hunt for smartphones or on-paper. It can be delivered by a fully trained and experienced events manager or you can run it yourself. This all adds up to give you a bespoke team buiding activity.

Onboarding and Orientation.

When putting together the teams that will manage your new project, the early days can be quite difficult as the team members get to know each other and learn to work together. The team as a whole also needs to work out how to fit in to the existing system.

Team building is the solution.

But there is team building and there is team building. The best team building takes place when everyone is relaxed and feels included. Traditional activities fill many people with dismay - they think they are going to be physically entwined with complete strangers or balancing on a rope fifteen feet above the ground.

Choosing a corporate treasure hunt is the perfect solution. The new team members can get to know each other and discover their skills. They get to meet people from other departments and gain an insight into who does what in yoiur organisation.

And all that is done in an interesting, relaxed, inclusive and non-threatening environment.

So call 01773 766050 or email today to find out how we can help to create some chemistry within your team.